Sunday, September 21, 2008

Jack's Baptism

Jack and Jessica "MiMi"
Jack and John Scott
Fr. Keith and us
My Family
My sistas, my brother, & Jack
My little family :)
Us with the Godparents

Nana, PopPop & Us

Jack was baptised today! We were able to go back home and have the priest, Fr. Keith, who married us baptise Jack. It was so wonderful. Afterwards we had a great party at Nana's. It was so great to see everyone! Thank you Jessica and Braden...two wonderful Godparents!


SANDY said...

Love the pictures...I can't believe how big Jack looks already...and how short Brad's hair is :)

Katie said...

Congrats, Jack! Y'all are a beautiful family!

sweetpea said...

You both look sooo happy. Hope your holidays are wonderful. Al and I will be thinking of you all. We are staying here and keeping warm! Snow will come soon. Miss you all! Jack is a cutie! And now Brad and David will really look taller next to me.... Carol