Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Night!

Halloween nights are some my favorite memories as a child. I can remember clearly the fall leaves blowing down the streets and the smell of the crisp night air. The whole day I would be so anxious to get dressed up. As soon as the sun would start to set out the door we'd be! My parents used to own a preschool, and they would throw the best Halloween Party on the block...face painting...hay mazes...bobbing for was sooo much fun! We also lived in a wonderful neighborhood in "downtown" Lake Charles. Trick or treating was a big deal..people decorated their houses/garages/backyards and usually had more than just candy to offer...I remember one house that always handed out candied apples. You didn't have to worry about only eating individually wrapped stuff because you knew your neighbors and trusted them. Myself, Jessica and a friend named Mikey had a clubhouse we built and were always was called Pete's Playhouse because Mikey had a dog named Pete. One year we decided to make it a haunted house for Halloween...we decorated it and put flyers out in the neighborhood and invited everyone. So many people showed up to walk through our haunted house. My memories from when I was a child are so wonderful...we were so imaginative and innocent.

Tonight we had trick or treaters! It was great! Brad made me dress up like a doctor..of course! All the kids were so cute. Jack was dressed up like a pumpkin...but he spent most of the night fast asleep!
He missed all the action!
Sadie and I ready for our trick or treaters!

Before he fell asleep!

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