Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Weekend with Granna & PawPaw

1st four wheeler ride!

My parents with Jack

Jack and I made our journey to Lake Charles last week to cure my homesickness. It was such a wonderful trip. Saturday we went out to my parents property in the country, then we came home to watch LSU's victory against South Carolina! Sunday my mom cooked roast and rice n gravy...which you can never get tired of. It was great to be home...I miss home...I miss Louisiana. Brad and I have decided New Orleans just might be where we settle down in 7 years 7 months...can you tell I'm counting down? Although it would be amazing to live somewhere in the mountains or on a beautiful lake...being close to my family is more important to me. We can most definitely retire somewhere like that, but while we are raising kids...those places will be vacation spots and most likely New Orleans will be our home. I miss the culture...Audubon Park, the French Quarter, Mardi Gras, the sound of the street car passing by,the sight of people 2nd lining through Audubon Park, the smell of Cafe Du Monde, beignets, all the amazing food, the crazy afternoons of small jazz bands walking down the street playing just because, Magazine Street and the coffee shops, all the funny costumes you see people wearing on an average day...making it a not so average day, Jazz Fest, Voodoo Fest, Goldmine...gosh everything I loved it all sooo much. I can't wait to be back one my kids can experience it all we can spend our afternoons feeding ducks in Audubon Park playing. I want to live right next to Audubon Park....okay....I need to stop talking about it because its making me sad. Moving on...Brad is on call tonight and I'm still awake at 10:30...usually I'm fast asleep. I'm definitely starting to see the advantage of being awake at night while Jack is sleeping. A cool front came through today, and its super windy and chilly outside. I plan on spending most of my day outside tomorrow...and maybe the next day too.

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SANDY said...

I definitely think you guys should move back so then we can come visit :) and your post made me sad too...thinking of all the things I miss about NOLA!