Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rule #1: Never open your door for strangers!

Sooo tonight Brad is on call...just like he is every fourth or fifth night depending on the rotation. This month its every fourth night also know as Q4...yuck. Anyways...if you don't know already I'm a super scardy cat...always have been and always will be. I wasn't just born this way...I've had a few significant instances in my life that have made me this way. Not only am I a super scardy cat, but I'm also extremely cautious due to the fact that I lived in Baton Rouge while a serial killer was on the loose! Anyways...tonight I was sitting on the couch watching TV and someone knocked on my door--lovely huh? I stood up and my heart sank...they knocked again just a little louder...why didn't they ring the doorbell??? not sure. I walked to the door where my sweet husband has installed a peep hole just for me...but ofcourse I have some fall decoration blocking it :) So I walk to the office window and look out to see that there is no car parked in front of my house. They knock again...only louder and don't answer me when I say...who is it? All this time I have my cellphone in my hand about to call Brad and then I say to myself...what the heck is he going to do? I grab the house phone insuring my address will pop up when I call 911 and dial the those three dreaded and relieving numbers 911...I was feeling pretty light headed at this point...scared to death as they knocked again. I grabbed Jack as the 911 operator answered. I told her what was going on and she said for me to go somewhere where I could lock myself in a up I went with Jack and Sadie. Ofcourse Sadie is pretty pissed off at this point so she runs in the room with me and then right back out again b/c they knock again and she feels the need to bark and protect us. I just close the door without her and then ofcourse she's all talk and decides she'd rather be with me...and starts scratching at the I let her in quickly b/c I'm sure no one is in the house...and relock the door. The whole time the 911 operator is talking to me and letting me know the cops are on their way. After 10 minutes...which seemed like FOREVER...she says they have arrived and I can check to make sure its them by looking out the window. I walk outside and you wanna know who had been knocking on my door???? A solicitor...trying to sell me a water softener!!!! What an idiot!!! The cop was pretty disgusted as well and told them they needed to stop knocking on peoples doors at night and leave the neighborhood. Thank goodness it was just a solicitor and not some freak. So, now its 10:43 pm and I'm still awake b/c I'm scared...not sure when or if I will go to sleep. I'm sure eventually I'll fall was just a solicitor...but it still scared me. Just always remember to stick to those rules you learned in elementary school---Never open your door for strangers! It doesn't matter what they are don't want to buy their junk anyways.


Haley said...

ugh. I have actually opened the door to THREE sales people in the past 3 weeks! Each time I was so mad at myself--good job being careful! There are way too many crazies...and I cannot believe these door to door sales people coming at night--the nerve!

Laura said...

Seriously! I understand your position, especially with a baby. Having Tuck and Abbey to bark at people always helps me feel better (I'm not sure what they would do, but at least people know we have dogs here.). I'm thinking about posting a sign on the door about "no soliciting." We haven't had anyone come by at night yet, but it seems they always come just as Kaia is falling asleep for her nap.

And Q4 is awful too! Sorry.