Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today we went to Kinder, LA for Thanksgiving with my Mom's family. We had a wonderful time. The food was delicious, and it was great to go back to Kinder. My mom grew up there, and as a child I spent every Sunday and many weekends at my grandparents house in Kinder. My cousins and I used to do everything from shelling peas on the front porch to catching crawfish in the ditch with a homemade fishing pole. My grandpaw taught us how to tie string to a stick with a piece of bacon on the end, but the key was to put a small rock in the middle of the bacon so it would be sure to sink to the bottom where all the crawfish were. We spent many nights standing next to bon fires and roasting marshmellows...and many days riding fourwheelers and horses down gravel roads. We went every single Sunday for "dinner"...but for most of you it would have been considered lunch. Grandma would cook a roast and rice 'n' gravy, which other than fried chicken is one of the most southern old fashioned meals you can get. It's a real treat. Thank goodness she taught my mom who I made sure taught me! It took me awhile to perfect, but I think I've finally gotten it down. Most of the time when I cook a roast Brad won't even let me invite people over because he wants to have leftovers. Anyways, we had a great time out in the country, and everyone loved seeing Jack. John Scott actually went out to my uncles garden and picked some home grown veggies...which you can't beat! Here are some pics from the day, as well as some from tonight when my mom was feeding Jack. He still loves his rice cereal! Tomorrow we'll be having a "day after" Thanksgiving meal with my immediate family...I've gotten to eat 3 Thanksgiving meals this year! Last week while Brad's parents were in town we cooked a Thanksgiving meal so Brad could have Thanksgiving too, because ofcourse he didn't have the actual Thanksgiving Day off. I hope everyone has had a wonderful day! And just for kicks----I'm thankful for...
my loving family and friends, my dad's stable health, my amazing husband who works unbelievably hard so I can live this dream life, my sweet baby Sadie baby girl, my beautiful healthy baby boy, and this beautiful earth we all get to enjoy!

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