Friday, January 8, 2010

a little bit pregnant…

i’d say i’m a little bit pregnant! i can’t believe how fast this pregnancy has gone!  while the first four months were pretty crummy, the recent months have been not so bad.  I LOVE BEING PREGNANT IN THE WINTER!  I never thought love + pregnant would both be in one sentence out of my mouth.  Pregnancy tends to be my not so favorite thing…but I do realize I’m so blessed to carry my own babies, get pregnant easily, & have healthy little ones and for that I’m very thankful & happy to be pregnant.  When I got pregnant w/ Jack I prissed around saying how I’d eat healthy, exercise, etc. and I’d only gain the minimal amount of weight :) HA!  Lets just say cheeseburgers were my go to and exercising was minimal.  I gained WAAAYYY to much weight, and I was pretty pissed at myself when it was all said and done.  With this baby I’ve really tried to do better, and so far I’ve gained half as much as I did with Jack….I must have been really fat…sheessh.  I guess being so busy helps, not working allows me to exercise more, & the WINTER keeps the swelling down!  In my 3rd trimester I couldn’t wear any of my rings, but this time around I can!  It’s nice to not get those looks from people…the ones wear you can tell they are thinking you are too young and got knocked up…I always wanted to say…yes I am married lady!!!! I just can’t wear my damn rings b/c my fingers are too damn swollen! Anyways----------

Things are going great!  My little girl moves around ALOT more than Jack every did & I love it!  Her nursery is coming along, in fact I’m almost finished!(pics coming soon)  I’m just waiting to move Jack to a big boy bed so I can move the crib into her room.  I’m SO nervous about moving Jack out of his crib, but I REALLY don’t want to buy a new crib.   He may do pretty well…he’s one of those kids that asks us to go to bed…seriousely.  When he’s ready around 7:30/8 every night he’ll just come give us our goodnight kisses and go to the stairs and basically tell us he’s ready to go ‘night ‘night….so we put him in his crib and he 'waves bye bye!---pretty easy, huh? 

The big question lately is to go for the VBAC or do a repeat c-section.  It’s a tough one ladies.  Brad and I read all the up to date research stuff, and we are leaning towards a repeat c-section.  We pretty much know why I had to have a c-section the first time around, and based on that it looks like I’ll do better with a repeat c-section.  We are still waiting to read the reports from Jack to make sure, and then we’ll decide. 



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