Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Kids Rooms

Well…I’ve finally accomplished some of the things on my to do list!  I’ll say I probably spent a month or two with my scattered pregnancy brain in a frenzy just trying to figure out what I wanted to do…then when I’d do it…making lists over and over again…rather than just starting with one thing and doing it!  Thank goodness I finally got myself started on some of my tasks :)

The first project was to refinish an old wooden bed to use for Jack’s big boy bed.  I decided to paint it navy blue, and I’m very happy with how it came out.  I spent many many months trying to decide on “big boy” bedding, and I finally decided on the green & blue rugby stripe you see in the pictures.  I fell in love with it from Serena & Lily, and I finally broke down and bought it!  I’m so happy I did!  Its the perfect bedding for Jack to grow into for many years to come!  Right now his room is still “animals” from his nursery, but a sports themed room is in the works.  If you know Jack…you’ll know he LOVES balls…so I hope to do some “ball” paintings for him soon!

TheKidsRooms 003 TheKidsRooms 020

As you can tell the room is all set up for a big boy, and Jack has become a big boy indeed!  He’s been sleeping in his big boy bed for a couple of weeks now, and he’s doing great!  We had a couple failed naptimes and sleepless nights, but now he’s doing great!  It just took some dedication and not giving in, and now he pretty much naps and sleeps like he did when he was in his crib.  I was more worried about the switch than he was for sure!

My second project was putting Miss Madeline Grace’s room together!  Of course it took me FOREVER to pick bedding, but I finally did & I LOVE IT!  We decided to make the spare bedroom her room, so we’ve left the guest bed in there so we can still have visitors.  After much thought…I figured she would be easier to move out of a room when people are visiting than Jack would.  The room is not completely finished yet, but while I was taking pictures of Jack’s I couldn’t help myself :)  I have a few little extra touches to add..I guess I’ll have to add some more pics later!  Her dresser also needs to be painted & I need to get hardware for it, so that’s in the works for the next couple of weeks.

TheKidsRooms 018 TheKidsRooms 004 You see that sweet tutu??? It’s one of my favorite purchases so far! :)

TheKidsRooms 005 TheKidsRooms 009 I still need to find something to put in those picture frames…what you see is just green craft paper right now so I don’t have to look at cardboard :)  (I’m a very visual person)   TheKidsRooms 010TheKidsRooms 013 TheKidsRooms 016

I also still need some sweet stuff to put on top of this shelf…

TheKidsRooms 017

I can’t believe she’ll be in here in a couple of months!!!!  I can’t wait to hold her!


Sandy and Scott said...

The rooms look great Rebecca!

Katherine Anne said...

Let's just say that I am do in 5 weeks and we don't even have a bed...