Saturday, January 2, 2010

this is fun….

while my new obsessions should be refinishing jack’s bed and mady’s dresser…among a few other things…i’m finding myself obsessed with some new little tools…all a download away.

 Brad says Jack is going to be a field goal kicker…or a punter b/c its a good gig and who else practices being one while growing up?Christmas2009 116 Christmas2009 117 (4)Christmas2009 130 (4) Christmas2009 132 Christmas2009 145 (2) this is my family…what if i didn’t take these pics in bw…and i just edited them in my other new obsession…picasa.Christmas2009 147 (2) Christmas2009 157 (2)i threw one in finally :)Christmas2009 207Christmas2009 208 (2) how much fun can you have with a bowl at mimi’s house?Christmas2009 213

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