Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Who’s got it harder?

There are some things in life that I always think about. 

Little big life things.

and Rebecca is always trying to figure things out. 

it’s something I need to work on, because most of these little big life things aren’t for me to figure out…that’s what I’m starting to figure out…i think.

So the truth is…and you all know it…my Dad was soooo sick for sooo long and it was hard.  HARD. HARD.  I live away from home…and although I love my little family and life always..its still HARD. very HARD because I love home, and home is not here.  my husband is a resident…and he works ALOT. and if I wasn’t blogging about the topic I’m blogging about I’d keep going, but I’m going to stop right here.

I actually have an amazing life.  Yes, its hard sometimes…and yes, sometimes I want to think I should throw a pity party.  I get close to stomping my feet and throwing tantrums, BUT…I Don’t because I have COUNTLESS blessings.

I don’t because I know that there are people who have it harder. (This is the part that I always think about.)

I have a friend who has four beautiful kids and a lovely resident husband.  He just found out his brain tumor he had removed when he was 7 is back.  He needs it removed…but at the risk of losing his memory(not good if you are a doctor) but worse if its your kids names or the day they were born.  you get the picture? He was going to prolong the surgery, but now they are saying he has to have it and soon. 

I have another friend whose husband is deployed.  Her house caught on fire yesterday. She and all of her kids are okay(thank you GOD), but everything is full of smoke, she has quite a few darlings, her husband is GONE(that means he’s in the military so that means she is here without a lot of family too), and her house caught on fire. and the whole upstairs burnt and the rest has smoke damage.

There is a little boy(I can’t tell you anything really about him) except that he’s got heart failure…his mom is a single HARD WORKING mom…and last year all she could buy him for Christmas is a coloring book.  This year will be different for him so don’t worry :) Angels are being sent his way…

My point is that when I start to think about my sad story…I say to myself that it could be worse.  Does that mean I can’t think about my sad story? NO. 

Here’s my big point---You don’t have to feel bad about feeling bad because someone may have it worse.  Everyone has tough times…and no matter how tough your time is its tough for you and it should not be compared to someone else’s.  It should be recognized and its important to receive love and support(which i have an abundant supply of…another thing to be thankful for.)  It’s okay to cry..and be sad…and recognize that whatever you are going through is HARD, but you have to keep things in PERSPECTIVE. 

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And you have to TRUST that God has a plan for you.

Isaiah 41:10
So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

You have to make the best of what’s around. 

Here a little special story…

Yesterday I had a doctor’s appt.  I brought my two little ones, and it was CRAZY. Everything lasted ALOT longer than I had expected, and really…a two yr. old in a doctor’s office?  To make a long story short…some beautiful loving people helped saved me.  They watched my kids for me while I had some x rays done…yes I trusted them with my angels(you would have too if you’d met them.)  The whole experience was tiring, emotional, and stressful.  When I walked out Jack was happily playing on one of their i phones, and Madeline was fast asleep on an old retired Vietnam vet’s chest :)  I thanked them in the best way that I could, and as I was walking out the older lady who was helping me grabbed my arm and said, “Honey…you’ve got someone watching over you…”  I waited until I got outside before I cried…the relief I felt…to know for sure that God is with me and so is my Dad.


Haley said...

Love this post- you are so right- Perspective is key :)

AmberV said...

Thanks for this Rebecca! You are so strong! Keep being exactly who you are for your wonderful family!