Saturday, November 6, 2010


Jack has been getting into some mischief lately! When I was preparing for Madeline’s arrival I knew I’d need some “safe” places to put her while I was doing other things.  For the living room I borrowed a bassinet from a friend….it was working out perfectly until the other day! I was working in the office-Madeline was supposedly napping in her bassinet-Jack was supposedly playing in the living room—until I heard Jack & Madeline both laughing.  I walked in and this is what I found…

Fall2010 145  Fall2010 147

Jack LOVES playing in the sink…Yes, I let him…Yes, he gets water everywhere…yes, its a mess…but its totally worth it.  He’s busy for at least 30 minutes playing..he has a ball…and what’s being a boy if you don’t get completely messy/dirty/wet at least once a day anyways?

Yesterday he was having a fantastic time.  I walked in and there was water everywhere, but ALOT more than usual.  I said, “Oh no Jack…this is a big mess…we are going to have to clean this up!”  Then I got distracted with Madeline for about 10 minutes…when I walked back into the kitchen this is what my little monkey had been working on!

Fall2010 152 Fall2010 154

I had to just smile…he tried so hard to clean up his mess(he used about 15 dish rags in the process!)

 Fall2010 163 Fall2010 164  Fall2010 171  Fall2010 186

Have I blogged about how nosey Madeline is? I have to admit…she gets it from me.  She is always trying to see what everyone else is up to!  She even puts herself in dangerous situations to do so!  That’s what you have parents for though…right?

Fall2010 182Fall2010 188

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