Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Halloween has been SOOOO much fun this year!  Jack has enjoyed it all so much, and we’ve just loved watching him get so excited!  It all started on Friday when Jack received a card in the mail from MiMi…he was so excited to open it!  He LOVES LOVES his Halloween books…thank you MiMi!!!  He even shared with Mady!

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Saturday night our neighborhood celebrated Halloween!  We had friends over for the first gumbo of the season…and off trick or treating we went!  Jack & Madeline transformed into a fireman and pink cat :) At first Jack didn’t want to wear his costume, but after some bribing convincing he put it on.  When he saw all the other kids walking outside he got so excited!  He went door to door like a champ saying, “Please!” more than “Trick or Treat!” We had such a ball!

  Halloween 001 Halloween 005

Madeline has pinkeye :( I guess it works…pink cat…pink eye (we make the best of situations!!!)

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