Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall Festival

Jack does this thing where he says, “One day I’ll….(ride a horse, ride a train, go to school, ride a bus)” and he says this stuff ALL THE TIME.  Well today his dreams came true and he rode a horse! We went to the neighborhood school’s fall festival.  It was a blast! Brad was post call and didn’t get to come, and Jack & Madeline were little angels! 

        Fall2010 013 Fall2010 014

He was a little unsure, but once the horse started moving he was so into it! 

Fall2010 016 Fall2010 017 Fall2010 020 Fall2010 021

Ya’ll have to excuse my windy hair…and silly faces!  It was crazy windy out there!

Fall2010 022 Fall2010 025 Fall2010 030 Fall2010 033 Fall2010 036 Fall2010 038

Jack saw all the baked goods and said, “Momma, I need a treat!” So he got a mummy cupcake!  Madeline reached over and enjoyed a little too!

Fall2010 004

My sweet girl!!!!! Jack got a pony ride & a cupcake, and Madeline got a new bow :)

Fall2010 005

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Her outfit is ADORABLE!!!!
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