Sunday, October 17, 2010

Camping Trip

I used to say I’d never do “tent” camping with kids…well a couple of weekends ago we went a tent!  Some of our friends called and asked us to go, and as I started to become hesitant all of my memories of going camping with my Dad when I was a little girl started to flood my mind and there was no way I could say no. 

When I was young during the Fall and Spring my Dad would take us camping.  I remember these trips so well…gathering firewood, finding the perfect spot to hang the lantern, setting up the tent, cooking on the propane stove, gathering firewood, roasting marsh mellows, the cold nights in our tent, running to the bathroom with my sister, going “hiking”, feeding the ducks…the memories I have are abundant..and some of my favorite. 

Our camping trip was SOOOOO much fun!  Jack had plenty of little boys to run around with, and Madeline loved just being outdoors!  The weather was amazing, and the park we went to was beautiful(Guadalupe River State Park.) Everything went so well…I’m already planning our next trip :)

Fall2010 199

The boys playing in the water…

Fall2010 200

We let all the boys ride in the back of the car together…they loved it!

Fall2010 207

Down by the river!  They LOVED throwing rocks in the water! 

Fall2010 209 Fall2010 211 Fall2010 213 Fall2010 214 Fall2010 221 Fall2010 223 Fall2010 225 Fall2010 227

Shame on Daddy! That water was really cold…Madeline didn’t know what to think!

Fall2010 230

Was Brad proud of his ribs?  I think so….Fall2010 231 Fall2010 233 Fall2010 234

One of the coolest parts about this trip was the boys..I mean men…did ALL the cooking! It was AWESOME!  Below are the GIANT marsh mellows we roasted! 

Fall2010 190 Fall2010 193

Look at how into it they are…they did a good job I must say :)

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