Friday, October 22, 2010

Things I love…

I am no decorator…I actually dream of decorating things a certain way…try…and can’t get it to look the way I want.  I’m very fickle and easily influenced…so its hard for me to get what I really want.  Lately though I’ve had a strong drive to surround myself with things that I love.  So here and there…I’ve gotten some items that are very special to me….and low and behold…I’ve started to feel surrounded by a home that’s becoming lovely…to me at least :) and that’s what matters right? 

The point of this post is to show you that YOU TOO can find things you love and put them together to be surrounded by a home you love as well. 

I’ve found that when I promise to only buy things I absolutely am in love with I’m happier and my room looks more like I want it to! This means…don’t buy it just because its on sale! Do bargain shop though…TJMAXX, Marshalls, Craigslist…all these places have treasures hidden inside of them. 

ThingsILOVE 005

I like fresh…fresh, fresh, fresh!!!!! Light blues, white, greens…I’m also having an obsession with birds…they remind me of when I was a little girl…I can still hear them singing in the trees while making mud pies on the side of the  house!

ThingsILOVE 009

This is the window above my kitchen sink! LOVE this fabric! Green again…oops!

ThingsILOVE 011

Chalkboards…oh they are so much fun! Thank you TJMAXX!

ThingsILOVE 012

My favorite decoration piece…I change out the fillers for each holiday, and it makes me oh so very happy!

ThingsILOVE 018

Vases…i just love them!  Both of these were gifts from my best friend…Thanks Ashley!

ThingsILOVE 022

ThingsILOVE 030

Check out my newly organized bookshelf in our office! See all those baskets…I’m obsessed! Do notice the walls…they aren’t red anymore! Pictures of my office makeover are coming…I’m not quite finished decorating yet! Me way YES WAY!

ThingsILOVE 033

This was Brad’s birthday present…its makes both of us happy, but I think it still gives him chills when he sees it! It’s going to be hung in the office!

ThingsILOVE 034

I painted this painting…not sure what the inspiration…bright beautiful colors and three houses…simple huh? Its HOME…where I love to be!

 ThingsILOVE 038

Our bathroom…those blue/grey/green walls again….I can’t help it.  The fabric above the window…upholstery tacks & a couple of yards of a fabric YOU love…use your imagination!

ThingsILOVE 041

My jewelry was always a mess….then I found this…at Marshalls of course…and look it has a bird on it…perfect!

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