Monday, October 11, 2010

All About Madeline


Miss Madeline will be 6 months tomorrow and I can’t stand it! She’s growing up waaaayyyy too fast! She starting sitting up last week, and she is such a wonderful baby.  Here she is loving her new Mikimoto Pearls(we’ll let her think that anyway).  She is starting to become more open to that mushy stuff we call food, but she still has NO interest in a bottle allowing me no time away from her…but that’s okay.  Sooner or later she’ll be “leaving on a jet plane”, so I’ll take my next few months with sweet Madeline at my side 24/7.

Jack is starting to love her more.  He asks to hold her, loves to hold her hand, & laughs at all the funny things she does.  She loves him and is all eyes when he’s talking or playing with her.

IMG_0020  IMG_0045

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Amber said...

Precious Pictures! What a blessing she is!