Friday, February 4, 2011

Cajun Snow Day…

I say “Cajun” because we weren’t at all prepared for cold weather…BUT like a good ole Cajun does…you make do with what you have & “rig” it.

Last night we got a little snow…and this morning it was still covering our driveway and the front porch/Jack’s construction zone.  I showed Jack the snow, and the first thing he said was, “Can I lick it Momma?” 

I dressed him up as warm as I could…He’s got quite a few layers on since we didn’t have normal “snow” attire.  I felt bad because he didn’t even have gloves…but as you can see in the pictures he is wearing an old pair of mine…and he wore them like a champ! 

He had so much fun playing in the snow…filling his dump truck….digging with his backhoe…and after about 30 minutes he didn’t fight me to come inside! 

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