Saturday, February 12, 2011

Jack attack.

Spring2011 029

Jack is busy my friends. His new interests include the weather, bugs & singing songs by himself. 

Spring2011 036Spring2011 049

The other day I mentioned something about how the weather was nice…it was sunny outside…and Jack went on to tell me about all the different kinds of weather.  He especially liked to talk about thunder, lightning, & rain, so that’s what prompted this activity, which went from learning about clouds, etc. to a cutting activity, so we cut :)

I encouraged him to finish gluing his rain drops and clouds, but what he really wanted to do is cut them, so I let him.  Most activities with 2 yr. olds aren’t about the finished product.

Spring2011 053Spring2011 005

Its very hard to go a day without dirt…

Spring2011 007Spring2011 010Spring2011 013

Miss Madeline is my eater.  She eats ANYTHING I feed her(so opposite of Jack when he was her age!)  It makes me sad that she can’t have milk because she LOVED yogurt and pastas with cream sauces.

Spring2011 003

It was another rainy day, so I asked Jack what he wanted to learn about.  He thought for a minute…and said CRICKETS! So, we looked up crickets on the IPAD and created one(notice the puff balls…my focus was fine motor skills…his was crickets Smile) He loved the activity…which quickly led to LADY BUGS.

Spring2011 004

So, we looked up lady bugs…and then he wanted to paint some, so there you have it…I quickly whipped up some “lady bugs” and he painted them…and only them!  He did add a sun to the picture though…

Spring2011 009

By the way…I enrolled Jack in a preschool program for next year…TUES./Thurs. 9-2 pm.  Ya’ll…I gave myself three fever blisters over this process. I had SUCH high standards…it was like I was trying to get him into the BEST of the BEST college…and in reality it was preschool for two days a week…

I’m really happy with the school I found.  It’s a Christian preschool…hands on, discovery based learning, and some JESUS which was really important to me.  I’m looking forward to class parties, field trips & giving Jack some time to be with other kids & learn!

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Jabara Krew said...

I think Jack and Cole would be bestest friends! It just cracks me up how similar they are. I don't think it's possible for Cole to be more boy! We'll have to get them together one day!