Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Trucks, Dirt & Potty Training

Jack is ALL boy.

I swear he was born already knowing how to make truck, boat, airplane & anything “with an engine” sounds.  He loves dirt…and he LOVES rocks.  We have a collection of rocks in my car in front of his car seat that he has collected along the way.

He’s rough.  He’s tough.  He’s 100% boy.

His favorite place to be is outside playing in the dirt with all his trucks.  He is on his best behavior when he’s out there because he is in his element.  He’s interested, engaged & happy.  He has started role playing with his toys lately, and it’s so fun to listen in on his make believe work sites!

Yesterday afternoon he was playing, so I pulled Madeline’s highchair to the front door so his imaginary world could continue.  She loved eating in a new place while watching Jack play!

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Potty Training—Oh Dear---I don’t like potty training.

I started awhile back with a really strong approach(straight to underwear and asking every ten minutes with positive rewards) and it had the reverse effect and Jack started crying and refusing to sit on the potty, so I took a step back and figured when he was ready things would go better.  We started just asking him casually every once in awhile…giving treats and celebrating, but never pushing him to go.  He’s been doing better, and today we are trying underwear.  This was a potty set up this morning…he’s such a character!

Spring2011 085Spring2011 093Spring2011 094

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age said...

My Grayson is just like Jack. He would play in the dirt with his trucks and trains any day. We try to get him to kick a ball or play baseball and he'll last a minute and then go back to playing in the dirt. 100% BOY:) Grayson didn't show any interest in the potty until he was almost 3. I never forced it....I just went with the flow! Your family is beautiful!!! Adrienne Link