Saturday, April 2, 2011

Camping Trip

We went camping again this weekend!  It was sooo much fun! 


Jack and Brad went fishing with the oh so amazing everyone’s gotta have one Spiderman fishing pole :)  They actually caught some cute little fish, and Jack was able to real them in himself.  We asked him how big they were this afternoon, and he said, “Four.” Close enough…

Spring2011 067Spring2011 070

The park was BEAUTIFUL

It made me think of my Dad…he would have loved it here.  I kept seeing a huge hawk fly by.  My Dad loved hawks, and he’d always pointed them out to us when we were little. 

It reminded me that he’s still with me…

Spring2011 020Spring2011 028

The boys had a ball playing in the dark with their glow sticks :)

Spring2011 035Spring2011 037Spring2011 056


Yes, I know I’m looking….


but I had to prove that I was there…and this was NO sissy camping trip.  There were no showers, cabins, air conditioners, electrical outlets, mirrors, etc.  This was hard core folks.

Spring2011 094Spring2011 097Spring2011 102

Miss Madeline was in heaven…sort of…sometimes.  Lets just put it this way.  Madeline loves dirt, water, etc. but she is an extremely light sleeper and needs prefers to be sleeping in her crib, at home, with all her blankets, with her fan on high so she doesn’t hear anything but the music in her dreams.

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Katherine Anne said...

How awesome and brave!! Our baby's sleeping preferences are similar. We haven't camped yet - though David and I love it. One day. You give me hope.