Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

Our neighborhood had an Easter Egg Hunt this morning!  It was so much fun, and very well planned!

Easter2011 012Easter2011 017

I think Madeline has her Daddy right where she wants him….wrapped around her precious little finger!

Easter2011 018Easter2011 024Easter2011 036

Waiting patiently for the hunt to begin!

Easter2011 038Easter2011 046

Madeline has been taking a few steps on her own lately!  I’m guessing any day now she’ll be running free!

Easter2011 054Easter2011 055Easter2011 061

New moms out there: FYI--don’t buy dresses for your little girls during the “crawling” stage! If you do…no biggie…just tuck them into their bloomers!

Easter2011 064

Jack is saying, “ Look at my sister!!!”

Easter2011 071Easter2011 076

My sweet Jack! Jack is my sweet love…I just can’t get enough of him!  He’s such a sweet boy!

Easter2011 080Easter2011 098

Hitting the piñata!  They had so much fun.  Eventually we had to get one of the “big” boys to come break it for us though!

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