Friday, April 15, 2011

Madeline Grace

This weekend we are celebrating Madeline’s 1st Birthday!  We decided to stay home, and celebrate with friends here in San Antonio.  As a long shot I asked my mom to come thinking there’s no way she’d make a weekend trip considering the drive BUT…she said YES, and she is on her way today!  I am so excited!

Here are a few recent pictures of Madeline…She has her baby, which I will say she loves in a very special way!

I bought this baby to “prepare” Jack for his baby sister, but he really had no interest.  Madeline, on the other hand, LOVES her baby! If Jack touches it…she lets out this awful “don’t you dare” touch MY baby scream.  It’s sort of scary for such a sweet little girl!  She holds her baby, hugs it, and feeds it!  It is so cute to watch her sweet natural take to it…a little momma already!

BTW…we got new floors as you can see in the pictures!  WE debated, and debated, and debated on doing it because we are leaving in a year BUT I am so happy we did it!  I think it changes the house, and will definitely help it show better!

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erin b. said...

I can't believe it! time has flown! she is so beautiful, becky, you are so very blessed! love you guys.

Kate Dawson said...

It's amazing how God creates girls to be moms... and it shows quite early!