Sunday, April 17, 2011

Madeline’s 1st Birthday

We celebrated Madeline’s 1st Birthday this weekend with all of our dear friends in San Antonio!  I have to say I feel so blessed.  We have truly made some wonderful friends!

Madelines1stBirthday 001

We did an Easter theme!

I was so excited to get to make a girly birthday cake!

Madelines1stBirthday 004Madelines1stBirthday 014Madelines1stBirthday 016Madelines1stBirthday 018Madelines1stBirthday 021Madelines1stBirthday 024

We dyed Easter eggs! 

It was messy, but FUN!!!!

Madelines1stBirthday 025

We had an Easter egg hunt!

Madelines1stBirthday 040Madelines1stBirthday 052

We sang Happy Birthday!

Madelines1stBirthday 063

Madeline loved her cake!  She really loved the fondant decorations!

Madelines1stBirthday 082Madelines1stBirthday 083Madelines1stBirthday 084Madelines1stBirthday 086Madelines1stBirthday 089

Opening presents was so much fun!  Madeline really understood that the presents were for her, and she got so excited about everything! 

Madelines1stBirthday 110Madelines1stBirthday 129

She really loved her Violet puppy! She followed Brad around waiting for him to open it!

Madelines1stBirthday 131Madelines1stBirthday 139Madelines1stBirthday 143

She was waiting for him to open her puppy Violet…so cute!  He couldn’t get it open fast enough!

Madelines1stBirthday 149Madelines1stBirthday 153Madelines1stBirthday 160Madelines1stBirthday 177Madelines1stBirthday 167

Thank you everyone who came, and made Madeline’s 1st birthday a great one!  We are so lucky to have such great friends to celebrate with!  We love all of you so much!

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