Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"i keep on waiting...waitin' on the world to change..."

no baby jack yet. i definitely feel like he has dropped...a lot. i'm sooooo ready. kind of. maybe. brad said his feelings have changed from being extremely nervous to extremely excited--i laughed b/c mine have gone from being extremely excited to being more nervous.

people always say you have crazy dreams when you are pregnant. well, i had my first official crazy dream the other night. i dreamed that jack came out early...while i was driving to a i just tucked him back under my shirt. he kept falling out from under my shirt and i kept just tucking him back under it. it was really pretty funny. he wasn't yucky or fact he was all clean and sweet. strange, huh?

we are supposed to be getting our furniture this weeks-yay! we bought everything a month ago, then we had to wait for it to come in...quite a bummer. i'll post some pics once it all gets here. i still need a coffee table and end table for the living room, but i can't find anything i like. brad says i'm picky. i just don't want to settle.

my dad has been super sick lately...he won't be able to come to san antonio to see the i'm going to lake charles to see him after jack is born. probably will be heading that way the last week of july or the first week of if anyone will be around we'll have to meet up so you can meet jack. he's going to be really cute...and sweet :) say lots of prayers for my pops.

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