Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yay---new furniture!

we got our furniture today!

it was very exciting since we've waited about 5 weeks for it to arrive. i was very nervous about it arriving...especially the couches, and i'll tell you why. we got the couches from bassett, but i custom designed them myself--i picked out the cushions, shape of the back of the couch, the arms, legs, upholstery, and color--i had to just envision what it would look like. i told brad he'd have to just trust me on this...but afterwards i found myself very nervous waiting to see if they'd turn out right or if i'd made the right decision on this part or another. the pressure was on b/c brad, unlike most men, likes to be very involved in the decorating process. he has his own taste and is quite picky so that made things a little more scary for me--would he like it? after all i had told him to trust me, and now i'm starting to second guess myself. plus once you custom design something...its made for you can't return it.
we were also both nervous about everything else because after you drop such a pretty penny you kind of get buyers remorse. did we make the right decision???? anyways--i'm just happy b/c we both love everything. here are some pics...of just the furniture...we still have lots of decorating to do! hope you enjoy!

oh and in case you are wondering...the dog whisperer visited us today and got to see sadie perform. it was interesting, and he said he felt like we could fix the problems we have with her so i was very very relieved. after all she is my first baby girl and i love her very much. i was losing i going to have to get rid of her...who will take her...would we have to put her to i don't have to worry about any of those options b/c the dog whisperer has come to our rescue!

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SANDY said...

I especially like the bedroom set all looks great and I'm sure you're relieved to have it all delivered before Jack arrives