Saturday, June 28, 2008

"it's a beautiful morning"

today i get my fact it should be arriving in about 30 minutes. i'm so very excited.

also, today sadie gets a visit from the san antonio dog whisperer. she needs professional help and now that a little boy is on the way...we are finally admitting to ourselves that we won't be able to fix her problems on our own. she's a sweet dog...waaaayyy too smart though. so yesterday i made a couple of phone calls to two different professional dog trainers in our area, and one of them is coming out today to see sadie in action and talk to us about what kinds of interventions she'll need and how much they'll cost. its quite quote we got was $700. pretty rough, huh? what are our choices though...get rid of sadie or put her to sleep--not really what you want to do with an animal you love dearly--or get rid of jack...don't think so :) we started some interventions on our own such as...she's not allowed on our bed or couches anymore, she gets kenneled when we aren't home, she heels, and she knows all possible commands, but she still likes to have it her way when it comes to anything she thinks she isn't supposed to have...such as things from the trash, etc. we'll see...hopefully mr. ian avery will be able to help us.

by the way...brad saw a garage sale and he got a gas can for 50 cents...and a brand new meat probe for 50 cents---don't be dissin garage sales now---they are good for our earth--remember the 3 r's...recycle, reduce & reuse--one less plastic container to sit in a land fill. i'm doin my part.

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