Sunday, June 29, 2008

joys of pregnancy...i should write a book

my feet look like oversized down pillows or microwaved marshmellows. this happened over the last 24 hours. for the last couple of months i kept thinking i was really swollen..which i was...but now i'm REALLY swollen. what i thought was really swollen is nothing compared to what i'm experiencing right now. you can't even see my know the bones on the sides of your feet?...well they are not visible right now..that's how swollen my feet are. not sure if you've ever heard of pitting edema ,but its when swelling is so bad that if you push your skin down in one spot it stays that way and looks like a pit. its hilarious...b/c at this point all i can do is laugh. in a few days i'll have a little boy to hold and the swelling will go down and the belly will turn to mush and eventually i can start working out like it ain't no thing and things will start to feel like normal again.

by the way...don't fear sadie...she has issues, but you will probably never come in contact with them b/c they come in certain situations which brad and i are very careful to avoid when guests are over. so no worries...she's a sweet lovable puppy. you'll never have to worry about her getting an attitude with you. promise.

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