Wednesday, June 11, 2008

a little bit of this and a little bit of that

San Antonio is hot....only in the middle of the day though. In the morning...we can sit on the back porch and there's a cool breeze...and in the evening...the same thing, but don't even think about going out and about during the middle of the day. The heat sucks whatever energy you might have right out of you. That's been my only issue---with the pregnancy lately that is---I have no energy. I'm at that point where doing normal things that we all take for granted like picking things up off the floor...walking from here to there...turning over in the bed and getting off the couch are chores, but otherwise I feel great. Today I went to the pool with my neighbor and her two little ones. It was pretty nice as long as you stay in the water. By the way...we have the greatest neighbors....Jake, Kayla, Jackson(2 years) & Abbey-Kate(9 months). Jake is in the AirForce with Brad and will be doing Peds...Kayla was a teacher like me, but now she stays home with her little ones. They are wonderful, and we have lots of fun hanging out with them. I feel really really lucky to have met such great people right away.

Anyways---right now I'm in the process of finding a camera since ours got broken, so just be patient and eventually there will be pictures for you to look at. I know pictures are what everyone really wants to see. They will be coming soon, and so will Jack in less than four weeks! I go see my doctor tomorrow...I start seeing her weekly at this point. I will keep you guys updated! I really can't wait for this baby to come....I'm so excited and ready.

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