Sunday, June 15, 2008

yea---i posted something today!

Blue for Father's Day---Happy Father's Day---Brad bought a brisket to cook just for himself b/c today is Father's Day. It was actually really really good. He cooked it for many hours on the grill and it tasted wonderful.

I've been waiting for this whole nesting thing to it kind of happened. I got inspired to clean the bathrooms. It was cool, although brad was the one who was recruited to do all the scrubbing b/c i'm physically not able to lean over anything or bend over or get on my knees and find a way back up. it's lovely being pregnant. anyways...we did get the bathrooms clean so if our sweet one comes i wont have to worry about the bathrooms being dirty. i keep thinking about what else i need to do...but really there is nothing to do. my bag is packed...well kind of...b/c everything i'll be bringing to wear at the hospital are my comfies that i wear everyday right now so i can't pack them yet. i can't pack my toiletry stuff either b/c i use that stuff everyday too. jack's bag is packed though. he has like five different options to choose from to wear home...hopefully he's not like his mother and will be able to make a decision. i am actually going to just let my mom pick something b/c i just can't decide. brad likes this onesie that says "sleep is for weak." I was thinking something more cute, but stiff comfy. we'll see and soon enough you will too...b/c his coming home picture will be posted within 3 weeks!!! i can't believe we only have 3 weeks until he will be here. i'm quite anxious and ready, but the other day when i was taking my daily 2 hour nap i was laying in bed thinking about how this might be the last time i'll just be able to sleep for 2 hours peacefully. i'm trying not to rush into all of this. it will be here soon enough.

brad has slowly been trying to prepare me for the pain i will endure before i actually get my epidural. we got a paper from my doctor saying i should wait until my contractions are 5-6 minutes apart lasting for 45 sec-1 min. for one hour before coming in...unless ofcourse my water breaks. i was thinking we could just fib a little and say i've been having them for an hour...but just go in after 30 min. that way i can possibly get some relief from the pain earlier. brad laughed...there's no way he'll go for it. it's gotta have something to do with the fact that he's a doctor. anyways...tonight we went for a walk with our neighbors and i had a really strong contraction...and it REALLY hurt. i'm not sure how i'm going to handle them when they are coming 5-6 min. apart. the one i had tonight was just a braxton hicks contraction...not even the real thing and it hurt. what are the real ones going to feel like? I don't tolerate pain all. i'm going to try and be tough though. i'll be honest after it's all over with and tell you the truth.

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