Monday, June 30, 2008

interesting experience

i know i told you guys about my marshmellow feet...i decided since it did happen over 24 hours i should call my doc and let her know. i also have a rash that developed at the same time the swelling did. it itches really really bad, so i was hoping to get some ideas on what i could use safely for relief. I called this morning and they called back and said they wanted me to come in so they could take a look at the rash and check my blood pressure. my blood pressure has never been high and brad had checked it yesterday when the swelling was at its worst and it was fine. so i headed off to the doctor's office with no worries. as soon as i came in they checked my blood pressure as normal...but it was 172/100...not good. they checked a few more times and still got high numbers so i was sent to labor and delivery to be monitored. they good news is it went down and i'm fine...but it was scary. i am having contractions every 10 minutes though...hopefully they'll get closer together :)

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