Wednesday, June 18, 2008

tomorrow i get to do something...

i'm really getting bored. brad took my car this morning to work so i couldn't go anywhere. with my belly i can't reach the pedals in his truck. tomorrow i get to go get my id on base and i have my weekly doctor's appt.---yay.

i feel great. i don't feel like my belly is getting bigger. i do notice that it's much more difficult to turn over in the bed at night though, and when i lay down it's much harder to breathe so i know somethings changing. we were watching hell's kitchen last night and they had to cook for a bunch of pregnant women. i told brad and bryce my belly wasn't as big as those womens bellies...and they both quickly told was definitely just as big. i just can't tell. i used to notice when my belly got i can't tell as much...

they tried to deliver my camera today, but i was asleep. so...tomorrow i should get it, and you will all get what you have been waiting for. just be's coming soon enough.

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